Design professional from Helsinki, Finland. I’m currently working as a Senior Designer at creative technology consulting company Reaktor.

I have 20 years of experience in the fields of IT, digital media, marketing and advertising. I’m technically skilled with an analytical mindset & fast and intuitive learner.

Good digital design merges validated data, business insights and formulated hypotheses with a beautiful and functional user experience. As a digital designer my job is to create sense, structure and meaning in the world by eliminating waste from the user’s journey from A to B while keeping things interesting.

I have designed online campaigns, e-commerce web sites, event kits, sales brochures, brand identities, and mobile applications. I have worked from concepts and wireframes to production ready layouts and style guides in multidisciplinary, multinational and multi-vendor teams and ran my own freelance business.

My way of working combines entrepreneurial attitude of getting things done with a strong Scandinavian design sensibility.

You can contact me by email.